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Further Tips on Promoting Your Business

I have already discussed ways in which you can promote your business in my article about how to advertise and spread word about your business, but of course there’re many things that you still can be able to use when it comes to marketing yourself and your business regardless of whether it is a product or a service.


So if you want to know some of my further tips on how to market or promote your business then read right on because I am going to be discussing a few good things that my previous article may have missed.


Maintain Good Appearance and Impression of Yourself
When it comes to running a successful business, it is often good practice to make sure that you always put your best foot forward. This means of course that you will have to control or at least influence people’s perception about you and your business.


You may want to sway their opinion into a more positive one especially if they have heard some negative things about your business in the past.




Speaking of negative things, always make sure that you conduct yourself appropriately and make sure that your business is running in good standing so that you will not have a public relations nightmare on your hands.


Determine If You Can Afford a Marketing Budget
You may want to market yourself as the best dry dog food on the market, if that is your niche, but before you can do so, you will need a bit of a budget for marketing purposes only.




So if you are a budding business you may want to allocate some of your capital for marketing expenses. Even if you are already an established business you will still want to do the same thing because having a marketing budget will help you to stay relevant in today’s fast-moving world.


When you finally do have your budget you can use it for printing leaflets, for giving out promotions for free samples and for various other advertising purposes and expenses.


Always Bring Business Cards
You never know who you will meet or if you will have an opportunity to promote yourself or your business so it is best for you to always bring your business cards. Personally I would much rather always bring a few in my pocket rather than be caught without especially when I have to introduce myself to someone who is high in rank or status.




After all you don’t want to be scribbling your number or contact details onto someone’s wrist or hand–way to appear professional, right? So always bring a few business cards and make sure to put them in a little case where they won’t get folded or creased.


Remember that your business card also represent you and your business so while you’re at it, why don’t you also learn how to properly hand out your business cards? Hand it facing the other person, using two hands.


Here is additional info about marketing ideas for small businesses:

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Instilling The Entrepreneurial Spirit In Your Children

Jul 03, 14 Instilling The Entrepreneurial Spirit In Your Children

My little girl has recently turned seven and she was really insistent on having herself a themed birthday party this year, just like most of her classmates have – we take her to at least a couple parties a week, and most have some topic or theme.

We did some searching online and being a child from my own heart, she settled on a science themed kids party (found here: – what can I see, she’s a geek like her old man lol

My wife and I are big on rewarding hard work with our kids, and of course entrepreneurial spirit. So I told my daughter that if she was able to raise £50 in the 6 weeks leading up to her party, then she could have the science themed party that she so wanted.

Now, that may seem a little harsh. But we actually play lots of games like this in our house where we set little challenges and targets – my kids set me them all the time as well lol

So I knew that she would be able to do this no problem, she really has a wise business head on her shoulders already.

Well, she raised that £50 in only 4 weeks with 2 weeks spare, here’s how she did it:

  1. She saved £3 per week out of her £5 per week pocket money totaling £12
  2. She sold 5 of her barbies and 3 of her other dolls on eBay (with mum’s help) for £30
  3. And the other £8 she got from cutting 2 of our neighbour’s grass.

I was well impressed, and here’s how her party went including some other money saving tips too:


Make the Food Yourself

6th-Birthday-Party-Food-1You don’t really have to buy food or get food delivered. Pizza is nice but it costs can pile up when you’re feeding several children.

So what you can do is plan ahead of time so that you can make the food yourself. It doesn’t even have to be anything ridiculously complicated—it can be as easy as hotdogs or sausages on skewers, pasta, fried chicken.

With all the hard work you’d be putting into it your child will definitely appreciate it. My wife made all the food for my daughter’s party and it saved us a good amount of money in the end.

Get the Entertainment Together Cheaply

If you know anyone who can entertain the children for cheap or almost nothing at all, then good for you. Ask them to block off their schedule immediately so that you’re sure to get the entertainment in order before you forget about it.

If you don’t want to spend on entertainment then forget about the clown and the magician. Instead set up a movie marathon, give the kids a lot of popcorn, and watch them in front of the telly as they end up loving one movie after another.

Original_Kara-Allen-kids-gumball-birthday-party-table-decor_s4x3_lgDIY Decorations

We all know that parties usually come with decorations. If you would like to decorate with things such as streamers, balloons, posters, and so on, what you could do is DIY everything. Basically do it all yourself so you don’t have to pay for balloons (when all you need to do is pump air into them).

You don’t have to pay for streamers or those little flags strung up on a wire. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, what is important is you and your child enjoys it.

I cut up streamers for my daughter’s birthday and she soon volunteered to help, knowing that it was her party I was preparing for. There are many tutorials on the web if you want to learn something or have a short cut—just so you know.

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How to Dress Professionally

Whether you are dressing for a job interview, and important business meeting, or for everyday work at your office, dressing professionally is a life skill that everyone has to learn. Granted, not all work places have strict dress codes and guidelines, choosing a more casual look for regular office hours.

However, some training courses that are EMCC accreditedwill require you to dress professionally regardless of the company that you plan to apply for. Therefore, knowing how to dress professionally can be a great asset to your business or corporate ventures and help you build rapport and trust with your client, employer, or co-workers.

When dressing professionally, there are several levels for doing so. Remember that some business meeting and events may require you to wear formal business attire, while job interviews and daily office work will require you to wear casual business attire. Here are some ways for you to get the right look at any given time.


Formal Business Attire for Men


Formal business attire for men usually consist of a pressed suit that is properly cut for your frame. A white or blue solid shirt underneath is traditional, and the suit colours are decidedly dark in colour in a neutral tone such as brown, blue, or grey.

The jacket sleeve should never extend past the knuckles, and your necktie should be conservatively coloured or patterned. Plain, polished leather shoes complete the outfit.

Formal Business Attire for Women




For women, the formal business attire also features a pressed suit. Women can opt to wear either trousers or loosely cut pencil skirts, also in neutral colours such as dark blue or gray.

Hair should be styled conservatively and away from the face, whether you choose to wear your hair down or to put it up in an updo. Natural looking make up, some sensible heels, and minimal jewelry completes the look.

Casual Business Attire for Men




Casual business attire for men can be varied, but generally, sensible trousers, a button down shirt, and a tie are standard. While colours can be a bit brighter in varying shades, colours should not be distracting to other in your office. Patterned shirts are acceptible. Hair should be trimmed, and the beard should be properly trimmed or shaven off.

Casual Business Attire for Women




Casual business attire for women can be extremely varied. A woman can choose to wear a skirt or trousers, but the general rule of thumb is that they should be at a conservative length that is suitable for the office. Skirts should be knee length or slightly above. Longer skirts are acceptible too as long as they are not too distracting.


Meanwhile here is a quick Video Tutorial on How To Apply Different Types Of Make-up:


Women can choose to wear their choice of blouse and allow for some form of embellishment, but they should not reveal too much skin, especially cleavage. Colours should still be muted and not too distracting, while jewelry has to be kept at a minimum. Make-up should be natural, though a flattering red lipstick is often acceptable.

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How Important is It to Look Professional?

In today’s world it can be argued that looks are everything. This is why so many people have become vain, and have become quite obsessed of their appearance. Metrosexual men who care very much about their appearance have increased in number as well. But is this focus on appearances really important in every day life? How important is it when it comes to the business world?

Here is a video on how to look professional in the business:

It certainly is not a requirement to be good looking if you would like to be in business, or be an entrepreneur or anything of the sort. But sometimes it helps. Good looks can open opportunities in all sorts of walks of life, whether we choose to admit this fact or not.

Fortunately, good looks don’t necessarily factor into the success of businessmen and entrepreneurs—but what does matter is how professional you look. If you want people to take you seriously, then you will have to look like it and present yourself as professional. This goes a very long way to opening doors for you which would have previously been closed.

Here are the most important benefits to dressing and looking professionally:

It Lends You Credibility

Now let’s all admit that when we see a man or woman in a power suit walking into the room we are immediately drawn in. Couple that with confidence on their part and you have a winner.

You know that those people are credible and trustworthy (in most cases!) because they appear that way—you might be more likely to believe a person is a good solicitor if they wear suits and appear very businesslike rather than wear jeans and sweaters to meetings. Of course the same thing applies for people working in financial institutions and so on and so forth.

It Opens Doors For You

Looking professional isn’t just for you as an individual. Let’s say you have a startup company and you are trying to impress some investors so you can rally up some funding to be able to start and run your business to the level you want it to. You and anyone else who appears in that meeting should appear professional, of course, but another thing you should consider is where the meeting is being held.

Are you doing it in your garage, where you started your company? At a restaurant? How about something like a venue in Leeds with conference facilities to lend your company more credibility? You might just get the funding you want.

You Become More Confident

People say that the more confident you feel the more likely you are to succeed and to improve your skills. Personally I have experienced this in the past—I was insecure for a time and compared to how I carry myself now (more confident, more trusting in myself and in my own skills), I know that I have gotten further in my career than I would have had I stayed in my shell.

There is no reason not to look professional—if you are in business then you should dress the part.

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How to Advertise and Spread Word About Your Business

advertising-imageThese days there are many businesses doing it very, very wrong. By it, I mean advertising, of course! And by wrong, I mean because…well, they take advantage of some methods that are a touch ‘wrong’ or improper. Like for example using spam in order to get ahead.


Spam is one of the worst ways to advertise because people tend to just block you out and delete all your messages, particularly if you send them through e-mail.


These days e-mail services have good built-in filters as well so your message might not even make it through and go straight to ‘junk’.


It’s even worse when you send spam through text messaging—people are going to get so frustrated they will just delete your message and forget about it or worse: when people get annoyed because of the amount of spam you are sending them, they might completely boycott your brand all together.


I have had friends who have done that, and friends who have said that they really do not like to receive spam. After all let’s admit—who does? So if you want to advertise and spread word about your little start-up the right way, here are some of the ways in which you can.


Stay Relevant


Let’s say you are trying to advertise the plastic surgery industry in Phoenix. Would you go to a cars and sports website or forum to talk about it? Of course not—unless of course within that forum there is a subtopic dealing with the industry you are trying to promote. Stay relevant so that you can reach more people as well; if you advertise where people are actually looking for what you’re promoting, wouldn’t that be so much easier?


Now here’s a few tips on how  you can advertise you business, the best way to do it:


And of course that isn’t the only thing I mean by staying relevant. To stay relevant you should also keep up to date. Update your website and social media accounts frequently so that you are always top of mind, and people will not forget about you.proffesional-web-design-look


Make Sure Your Website is Professionally Designed


I’ve seen many people and companies do this before. If you are going to have a website these days, it’s no longer enough to throw one together on your own (unless you have a background in design).


People do not tend to trust brands when they see a website that looks like it could have been designed by a fifth grader. Spend a little (but stay within your budget) and hire a designer who can properly do it for you.


Forums, Comments, Social Media


The best way to spread word about your business without seeming spammy is to become an authority in your industry. Become an authority in something and the people will flock to you rather than you having to fight to get their attention.


So if you want people to start believing you and actually going to you rather than the other way around, the best way for you to do it is to be an authority on the subject.


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How to Survive as a Start-Up

start-upsAsk any entrepreneur or businessman and they will tell you right off the bat that one of the hardest things to do is to be part of a start-up business or to start one yourself.

It’s never easy since you will have to be responsible for everything, do a million things at the same time (unless you are at the point where you can afford to hire a few people so you can delegate), balance the books and make sure you at least stay in the black, and so on and so forth.

The list is truly endless. Start-ups can be the most difficult thing, yet honestly at the same time they can also be the most fulfilling. But one of the hardest things to do when it comes to start-ups is actually keeping the company afloat.

One of the ways start-ups eventually become successful is by making sure that they have enough funds until they are finally ready to start making a profit. This is why entering a start-up is one of the riskiest things to do when it comes to business.

So when the money dries up, how exactly can you keep your company afloat? Here are a few tips I’ve learned through experience or through advise of more wizened and knowledgable businessmen than me.

Before the Money Dries Up, Garner Interestinterest

One of the best things you can do is to keep raising funds so that the ink never runs red.

This may not always be easy to do, but it actually is very important that you keep up the public’s interest in what you do or what you are trying to do.

If you catch the attention of the right kind of people you could be getting grants, investments, and so on and so forth.

A well advertised and well managed start-up can gain quite a lot of capital funding, especially if they are trying to do something that is not only groundbreaking but also socially relevant.

But as long as there is someone interested in what you do there will always be funding.

If You Need Cash to Keep You Afloat Until the Funding Comes Through

cashOkay so what happens if you’ve secured funding, but it doesn’t come through until a certain time and your company will go bankrupt before then? Well, in these cases maybe a business bridging loan can help.

Nobody likes to take out loans, especially not me, but if it means the difference between shutting the doors tomorrow or staying open until the new funding comes through, then I would take out the loan, especially when I know I will be able to pay it back.

These kinds of loans ‘bridge’ the gap in between the time you really need some money to the time when you have enough to pay it back. Of course you will have to make sure that you have enough money to pay back those loans and good enough collateral to take it out in the first place.

Meanwhile here’s top 10 strategies for start up success with Jason Nazar:

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How to Be an Amazing Boss

Being a budding entrepreneur also means that as your company grows, your number of employees will too. In order to prevent losing good people on their jobs and to keep your employees happy, you should strive to become a good boss.

An amazing boss keeps morale up, and is a leader, not a dictator. You should work to become part of your company, fostering community and hard work.

Here are some tips on how to become the best boss that you can be — a boss that your staff admires.

Keep Employee’s Safety in Mind


A good boss always puts the safety of his or her employees in mind. Making sure that everyone is properly trained and is aware of the company’s safety policies is imperative.

Being a caring boss will also keep your assets safe, and will also prevent any run ins with medical fraud. Keep your employees out of trouble and out of the hospital. You can check out more info about medical negligence solicitors at

Build a Community


You should always foster a sense of community, guiding your employees and making them feel like they are an important part of your company. A good boss makes space for people from all walks of life, but can also identify those who lower morale or are simply not cut out for the job.

Opens up Communication


A good boss should always be open to communication. Concerns and problems should be addressed in order to improve the work flow and to improve team performance.

On top of that, a great boss makes sure that his team is also willing to communicate among themselves, giving them an incentive to find ways to improve team performance.

Encourage Career Development


A lot of people leave companies if they feel that they are in a “dead end job”. People would rather work on their careers rather than focusing on a single job, so it is important that you encourage career development, giving them a chance to work up the ladder if they deserve it.

Personal growth should always be rewarded.

Build Trust and Loyalty


A good boss should be able to build trust in their employees, which also encourages loyalty to the company. Your employees should be able to trust you so that they feel safe, rather than fearing you and their jobs. Fear does not build rapport, but trust builds loyalty and respect.

Generate Satisfaction and Happiness


A good boss keeps their employee’s satisfaction in mind. You should give your employees a sense of satisfaction in their work by generating happiness in the workplace.

If your employees are satisfied, they are more likely to apply themselves in their work, which improves performance and output.

Being a good boss is not easy, but it is an extremely fulfilling work. After all, it has both practical applications and psychological ones.

Bosses who know how to be leaders are happier, and have a deep sense of personal satisfaction with their work and their company.


Follow these steps and be a great boss as you can be:

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