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My 5 Top Tips For All Budding Entrepreneurs

Mar 14, 14 My 5 Top Tips For All Budding Entrepreneurs

The economic downturn is the reason why a lot of people want to start a small business.

The obvious and foremost reason is to make money.

People want to earn extra income aside from earning a regular pay from their regular work.

Yes, they are aware that there is money in business however many are not really clear about their goals in starting one.

Needless to say, starting up and managing your business is not an easy task.

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My 6 Favourite Business Models

Jan 24, 14 My 6 Favourite Business Models

Every business whether profit or nonprofit aims to survive, generate revenues and exceed their costs.

Aside from having a business plan, a business model is also crucial to every start-up or existing business.

However, inventing a new business model is not something that you want to do as it is considered as a bad bet.

Since technology, markets and customers can be innovated it is a smart move to relate your business to a successful company and copy its business model.

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