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My 5 Top Tips For All Budding Entrepreneurs

Mar 14, 14 My 5 Top Tips For All Budding Entrepreneurs

The economic downturn is the reason why a lot of people want to start a small business.

The obvious and foremost reason is to make money.

People want to earn extra income aside from earning a regular pay from their regular work.

Yes, they are aware that there is money in business however many are not really clear about their goals in starting one.

Needless to say, starting up and managing your business is not an easy task.

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My 6 Favourite Business Models

Jan 24, 14 My 6 Favourite Business Models

Every business whether profit or nonprofit aims to survive, generate revenues and exceed their costs.

Aside from having a business plan, a business model is also crucial to every start-up or existing business.

However, inventing a new business model is not something that you want to do as it is considered as a bad bet.

Since technology, markets and customers can be innovated it is a smart move to relate your business to a successful company and copy its business model.

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How to Start Your Own Travel Agency from Home

A lot of people enjoy travelling in a DIY sort of manner, arranging everything themselves and booking all of their flights and hotels by themselves.

Of course, while some enjoy planning their trip all by themselves, other people find it stressful and would rather just allow a travel agency to do all of the work for them.

Nowadays, any travel loving entrepreneur can use their own experiences to start their own travel agency from home.

Since everything can be booked and paid for online, all you have to do is to pull together your resources and gain a good reputation for yourself.

If you want to try your hand at making your own travel agency work, these are the steps that you can take:

Travel and visit potential places of interest
Before starting your own travel business, you must decide if you are going to specialise in a specific place first.

Most travel agencies will have certain locales in mind so that they can provide more in depth service to their clients.


Before starting up a travel agency, you should be well travelled, so that you understand the places your clients are visiting.

You should be able to provide good recommendations for the best hotels, locales to visit, and where to buy the best meals. Having experienced the places yourself will help you become better at giving good service.

Connect with other travel and tourism businesses
As a travel agent, you should connect with other travel and tourism businesses. For example, my friend is affiliated with, a company that specialises in luxury lake district cottages.



Depending on the package that the client chooses, she handles everything from renting a cottage, renting boats, booking tours, and the like.

Businesses that specialise in travel and tourism must work together in order to give their client the best possible experience.

Put up a good website
Next, you will want to put up a good website. It should include complete details ranging from room rates to feature articles that give clients a taste of what they can experience if they choose your travel agency. Choose beautiful photos but be honest and transparent so that you do not mislead clients regarding the state of a room or place.

You should also be prepared to receive calls, texts, and e-mails. Make sure that your website is ready to accommodate all of your client’s needs.

If you don’t know anything or a beginner in building a website, you might want to refer to this video:

Purchase general liability insurance and have your business registered for taxes
Even if it is a home business, you absolutely must have a general liability insurance in place so that your business and clients are protected.

It also goes without saying that your business should be properly registered so that you can be taxed.

Create marketing materials
To get your business off the ground, put together marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and business cards.

For example, Holiday Cottages Cumbria has beautiful photography featured all over their website to advertise the charm and grace of the English lake district that they represent.

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How to Start Your Own Homeopathy Training Business

If you want to start a homeopathy training business, you will need to understand how to put together a start up business. Starting a homeopathy training school will need a lot of steps, but if you have the business skills for it, I believe that you should go for it.

Here are some steps that you can take to start up your own homeopathy training business:

Gain certification and a permit

certificateWhen starting a homeopathy training business, you naturally need to gain a certification and a permit for practice.

After all, as a school, you should be able to provide high quality education that has been approved by the leading heads of homeopathy.

To start a school, you will need a government permit, whether you plan on training people online or at an actual institution.

You will also need to register your business and make sure that all of your taxes are properly factored in.

Raise the funds for the start up

startup-fundsYou will need to determine how much money you will need for your start up and raise the funds needed for your homeopathy school.

The easiest way to do this is to go ask for a loan from the bank, though you can also try raising funds by asking the homeopathic community.

Crowd funding and other types of fund raisers are a very useful tool, and there are many who want to make sure that homeopathy is legitimized.

Find partners and suppliers

Your homeopathy training school will naturally need a lot of materials, ranging from books, papers, school supplies, medical supplies, and medical equipment.

Find companies and suppliers that are willing to partner with your school so that you can start training people as soon as possible.

Hire a complete and competent staff

You should always hire competent staff that is open to handling various tasks on hand. For example, you will need people such as cashiers, accountants, and secretaries to keep your school’s paper work and finances in check.

As for teachers, hire licensed homeopaths who also have teaching experience.

You can also refer to this video by an HR on how to hire a good staff:

Put together a good curriculum

There are several types of homeopathy, but I suggest that a start up school should only specialise in one style. The most popular choice would be to go with Hahnemannian homeopathy, which is the basis for classic and modern homeopathy.

Put together a curriculum plan that is suitable for a full year course, and be careful to schedule it in such a way that the pacing is just right for most students. After all, you will want to avoid tackling too much material too fast.

Your teachers should also be able to stick to the schedule and provide the students with the assistance that they need.

A homeopathy training school is just one of the many entrepreneurial pursuits that you can develop today. After all, the medical practice is currently booming, so be free to create a start up that can meet the demand.

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How to Become a Successful Furniture Entrepreneur

Furniture BusinessAs a business coach, I have trained a number of young entrepreneurs who are just trying to get their start up businesses on board. Perhaps one of my most successful protégés is a young woman who wanted to start a furniture business.

She started out small, but her business grew and turned out to be very successful indeed. She had great rapport with her clients, and she was skilled at figuring out what people want. She specialised in indie furniture and featured unique, one-of-a-kind designs by independent designers, artists, and carpenters.

Here are some on how to become a successful furniture entrepreneur:

Come up with a good company image
When my student started out, she wanted her furniture business to focus on all-natural, wooden furniture. She built her company image around natural wooden furniture and wanted to be billed as an environmentally friendly furniture company. She started out with just a few pieces, but more and more customers started asking for quirkier designs, so she started selling vintage pieces.

Red Wood

Eventually, her company image evolved from not just environmentally friendly furniture pieces, but became known for selling unique, boho chic furniture for the artists and eccentrics out there. Along with her good sense and excellent customer service, her company image is well-defined with a good reputation.

Find a good place to source furniture
The best way to source wooden furniture is to find reclaimed lumber from reputable sources. Reclaimed lumber is inexpensive and abundant, especially if you source it from a reputable dealer. A few years ago, old wood is often thrown out and burned, but new kiln drying technology is offering a new lease on life for old wood – even rotten old logs found at the bottom of lakes and rivers are now being turned into stylish furniture. You can also buy vintage furniture from pickers and crafts people.

Inspect and Test all of your furniture
Recycled LumberFlimsy, unstable furniture is just a law suit waiting to happen. Make sure that you inspect and test out all of your furniture to check for stability, sturdiness, and flammable materials. Even if you are selling vintage furniture, you may be required to reinforce old frames or to upholster them. Wooden furniture on the other hand, should be free of splinters and harmful chemicals in the wood.

Sell online
The truth is that few people actually like going out to buy furniture nowadays. They would much rather check online to see what the latest deals are. The furniture entrepreneur I was working with for example, immediately started selling all of her items online despite having a physical store. She wanted to make sure that she is reaching the widest possible market for her furniture.

Tips to Sell Your Product Online

Just make sure that you keep it updated and that you put items on hold if they are being purchased. You would not want an item to be sold in the physical shop only to find that it was already sold online the day before.

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How to Prevent Accidents in Your Place of Business

Work SafetyStart up businesses are fragile little things. The truth is it’s an incredible balancing act, and more often than not, it has to be done by a single person. If it isn’t done by a single person then it is probably done by a small team of a mere few. And when it comes to creating a successful business, the best way to do it from the ground up is uneventfully as possible.

Everyone thinks that success is easy to attain. That it’s at the end of a road that can be reached if you drive long enough. The truth is that success is difficult to reach. It is at the end of a road, yes, but that road is long and winding, and really quite steep.

So let’s take a look at how we can make that road a little less rough to travel.

Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Here are some ways in which you can prevent accidents in your place of business—because you know that these accidents can really make a turn for the worst—with insurance pay outs and worker’s comps.

Don’t Take Any Shortcuts
Industrial PipesWhen it comes to workplace safety and ensuring that the risk for accidents are lessened, it’s important to make sure that you take no shortcuts. For example… if there is a repair that needs to be made, you need to ensure that you do it right and not just do quick repairs that can fall apart on you quickly.

If there is a ceiling tile that keeps falling out then you must make sure that it is repaired properly so that you don’t end up with ceiling tiles that might fall on someone’s head and seriously hurt someone. If you want to ensure that pipes don’t burst then don’t to a band aid repair. It’s really simple. Just make sure you do things right.

Make Sure All Safety Requirements are Met
Workplace Fire SafetyTo ensure that all of you (you and your employees, and any customers who might come by) are in safe hands, always do your best to ensure that all safety requirements are met. If there are any guidelines that have to be met such as fire safety (like seals especially for fire doors should always be present, fire extinguishers must also be present) and so on, make sure that you put it on the priority list. This is the only way you can ensure a greatly lessened risk of accident or disaster occurring in your workplace.

Minimise Liabilities
Warning SignAlways make sure that you put up signs and warnings that are important—such as caution warnings and the like. This will minimise your liability if something indeed does happen.

Also ensure that if your employees are working in a dangerous environment (heavy machinery, tools etc) make sure that they are correctly trained and briefed before you even let them get to work. Even if a workplace accident does happen at the very least you will be less liable for the issue.

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How to Get Your Home Service Business Off the Ground

A good friend requested that I help him in advertising plumbing services in Manchester. His company is quite new and he has just started setting it up.

He needed some help to get his home service business off the ground, especially since he has trained in plumbing, and not in business management.

That is why I was willing to help him out a little so that he can find success in Manchester with his plumbing business. Along with advertising, I gave him some tips on how to improve and start up his own entrepreneurial venture.

Hire qualified people

plumbers-06In the UK, plumbers have to be licensed. It takes them a couple of years of studying and apprenticeships so that they can begin practising. Plumbing may seem like dirty work, but it requires a certain amount of experience and expertise in order to do it correctly.

Plumbing requires you to understand a home’s infrastructure, so certain knowledge of both architecture and engineering needed. A plumber should also understand UK building requirements and how to set water lines and plumbing.

A senior plumber is absolutely needed in your business as he will be the best at trouble shooting problems in the structures. Plumbing businesses may also need additional staff, including managers and advertising teams.


Naturally, you will have to advertise. There are many avenues for you to advertise your plumbing business, and each of them have their own benefits.

You can try advertising online through banners and websites, post up flyers and posters along Manchester streets, or use your own plumbing vehicle as a moving car.

Now, remember that the most important part of advertising would be to have good content. An eye catching headline and some great graphics usually get a good response.

Network to gain more exposure

Plumbing-11-29-12Networking is essential to all business start ups, including a plumbing business. You can network through an online social media presence, e-mails, and direct e-mails to potential clients.

You just have to be careful so that you do not end up in people’s spam folders. Be honest and write good content that will not be flagged down by potential clients.

Speaking with clients and asking for recommendations also work, especially if you did a good job. Some will even suggest your company to their friends or relatives if they are satisfied with your service.

Establish Your Business Identity

First off, you need to be able to establish who you are as a business. Give the impression that your plumbers are highly skilled and provide real solutions to people’s piping and plumbing problems.

You should build up your company and give it a face that would attract more respect and subsequently, more customers. Never lie and follow through with your promises.

Putting up a plumbing business can be difficult, but with the correct steps it can work. Plumbing after all, is an essential service that every person will need at one point in their life or another.

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Turning Your Experience into a Business

businessIf you are looking to finally make a change in your life, to go from employee to business owner, then you are probably not the only one.

I personally have made this transition in the past, and let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy one.

But the truth is that the hardest part is finally making the decision to take a leap of faith and establish my own business.

It was difficult to decide to quit my nine to five job and enter a whole new world of uncertainty and struggle, but when you finally see your business starting to take off… there is simply no greater feeling of fulfillment.

You just feel like you succeeded at something.

A friend of mine has recently asked me about how he can use his experience in the industry and turn it into a business in sheet metal fabrication.

He and I actually got to talking about this for a while, and we actually came to end the discussion on a good note.

If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, asking yourself whether you should take the plunge and head into business yourself, well… read on to find out the advice I gave my friend.

Check How Many Contacts You Have

Carolina BaptismThere’s a difference between the contacts that you as an individual has, and how many contacts you have through your current place of work.

While having contacts is not exactly necessary to start a business, it is largely useful especially when you are in the first stages of your business, fighting still to get your foot into the door.

My friend had a few sheet metal industry contacts that he personally knew, which is certainly better than none.

But of course, the more the better. If you don’t have any contacts yet…make some!

Do You Have Access to Suppliers

Another thing you will have to consider is whether or not you have access to suppliers.

You cannot start your business if you have no suppliers at the ready. Like my friend.

He knew suppliers, thankfully, but not the right ones he needed for the specific sheet metal cutting business he wanted to put up.

So he had to do additional research to find it.

Do You Have Enough Capital

cant_affordBefore you can even think about quitting your job, you will have to make sure that you have enough capital to use for starting your business.

On top of that, you will have to ensure that you have enough money to live off for as long as your business is still getting off the ground.

You do not want to be struggling to keep your business going while you’re barely able to pay the bills at home.

Try for at least a year’s worth of money to live off—and live frugally—as you will never know how long it will take for your business to take off.

From there the decision is all yours to make.

There are many other questions to ask. Will the business take off in the current market?

Is there enough interest for a business of that type? And so on and so forth.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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Starting Your Own Home Business


Home businesses are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of doing business, especially with the opportunities presented on the internet. Thanks to the boom of internet shopping, many home business owners are enjoying considerable success catering to niche markets.


Having your own home business is easier than ever with big scale vendors such as Amazon and eBay allowing trusted home business owners to sell their wares quickly and easily, through a trusted and secure network.

My wife has tried her hand at her own home business lately, selling Welsh slate products online. She personally picks out the wares from her supplier in Wales and sells them for a profit. Her target market is work at home mothers like herself who have a love for environmentally friendly table ware and healthy living.


Her Welsh slate table ware is quite popular among the health food eating crowd who enjoy a little bit of luxury. After all, good food should be properly framed by gorgeous tableware. It makes the meal much more appetizing.


My wife has become quite adept at selling her Welsh slate products that she is earning a considerable amount per month. If you want to start your own home business, here are some of my tips:


Study your market


Home businesses thrive on niche markets, so naturally, you will have to watch out for ways to appeal to your audience. Try to figure out what is needed in the market right now and if you can compete.


If there is a large company that is already dominating the market, you will have a better chance of getting your home business off the ground if you focus on a niche instead.


Sell what you know well


My wife is good at selling her slate products because she has a good understanding of the products themselves and how they are used. She can tell the grade of the slate by just examining it, and knows how to appraise the value depending on the handiwork. She can even give clients recommendations based on their preferences.


Here is a list of the top 10 home based businesses:


If you want to be good at selling your products, you should know your products well. This is the same for practically any home business, whether you are selling products or services.


Research about home business insurance


Most home businesses are required to pay insurance. Try to figure out what you will need so that you factor it into your initial investments.


Get online


The internet generates jobs for millions of people around the world, but it is a very competitive field. Figure out which avenues you can sell your products through, what websites to subscribe to, and how to set up your social media presence.

Launch your business


Home businesses are easier than ever to launch. You usually do not need too much starting capital as you do not have to worry about store fronts and space rentals, so you can typically just jump into it. I hope that you gain the same amount of success as my wife with her Welsh slate business.

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